Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

When people are negligent or unintentionally cause harm, you need to begin a civil identification to get matters straight.

Civil Investigations

At Cen Cal, we are the private investigators that provide you with valuable information if you plan on filing a civil lawsuit. Our services can be used to discover important information that includes the following.

  • When through negligence or accident, harm is caused to you or your family
  • When you are injured at work and not being properly compensated
  • When someone does damage to your vehicle but does not pay for it.
  • When your relative is not being properly cared for despite all the promises.

From personal injury to child custody cases and more, we are here to help you with your civil litigation efforts. You need to know all the fact and have the properly investigated. At Cen Cal, we can provide you with the information needed to help with your case.

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Why Choose Our Investigation Services?

There are good reasons why Cen Cal Private Investigators is the one to call when you need the best in professional investigative services.

  • Licensed, Professional Detectives
  • Fully Insured
  • We Combine the Latest Technology with Proven Investigation Methods
  • Access to the Best Resources Available
  • Confidentiality is Assured
  • Services Designed to Fit Your Budget

What separates our services from the competition is our wide range of experience combined with a dedication that ensures the best possible results.

Our reputation has been garnered through years of dedicated service. However, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last client we serve. Let Cen Cal be your source for the best in private investigations. Our knowledge and experience cover a wide range of areas from personal to business and more.

At Cen Cal Private Investigators, we are here for you. We have helped individuals and business owners just like you for over a quarter-century. Our services are noted for being thorough, professional, and discreet when needed. Please give us a call and talk to one of our investigators. He or she will explain our services, answer your questions, and offer our investigative assistance to help solve your problem.

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