What do you do if you want to find out vital information without being detected? Call the best surveillance investigators in the California. 

Technology Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

To ensure that you or your business is not the target of surveillance, we can provide the best in TSCM methods. Our professional investigators know how to identify listening devices, computer bugs, and other tracking devices, so you can keep from being recorded without your knowledge. From hidden cameras to wire taps and more, we offer our services to individuals and small business owners to help protect your valuable information.

Whether you feel the competition is gathering your information illegally or someone is spying on you or your family, we offer the services needed to help protect your privacy.

Corporate TSCM

Our corporate TSCM services are more extensive compared to those we employ for individuals or small business owners. While the focus is the same in protecting valuable information, the services we use include activities typical of corporations that maximize protection of secret information and intellectual property.

From competitors listening in on private meetings to the removal of cameras and other recording devices, Cen Cal is the one to call when your corporation needs to beef up its security. With over a quarter-century of experience, we understand the situations that arise when your information is at risk. This means that we are diligent in discovering existing methods of spying along with identifying new ones to help protect your intellectual property.

You will be notified of any intrusion of your company with our corporate TSCM services. We have garnered a considerable reputation over the years in providing proven, reliable protection. Let us be your eyes and ears in protecting your valuable information and property from the competition.

Bug Sweeps

If you believe that your home, office, or facility might contain listening devices, we can remove them with our bug sweep services. At Cen Cal, we have the right services to meet your needs in removing unwanted devices from your property. It starts by giving us a call and we will send an investigator to your property to conduct a search.

No matter the bugging devices used, we have the knowledge and experience to locate and remove them from your home. From microphones to cameras and more, if there is a listening or recording device on your property, we can find it.

With our bug sweep services, you get peace of mind knowing that your privacy is being protected. Let us employ our vaunted bug sweep services to ensure that no one is listening or recording what you and your family are doing inside your home.


Anti-Surveillance becomes needed while you are this issue under believed monitoring. Many times, in the course of intricate issues you or your group may benefit for security included in a anti-surveillance.

Counter-surveillance or Anti-Surveillance is the act of protecting against monitoring and getting rid of security connected gadgets. Surveillance may incorporate many methods of “spying” on a person, like:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Phone tapping
  • Computer hacking, or the installation of spyware on a computer
  • Following or “tailing” somebody
  • Placing listening or monitoring feeds in a home, place of work, or automobile

You may well be under surveillance within a bigger picture, including:

  • Business espionage
  • Extortion, exaction, blackmail, or revenge
  • Stalking

Many reasons exist that someone may wish to put you under security, but regardless of cause, when you are getting surveilled, it is a significant violation of your personal privacy, and might cause serious problems for your individual existence, your small business, or maybe your funds. If you have seen sensitive info leaked, in case you have received anonymous emails or words that contain sensitive details, or if you suspect you may have been the sufferer of corporate espionage, you may need to consider competitive counter-surveillance measures. Inquire now about our counter-surveillance investigation with Cen Cal Investigations.

Throughout anti-surveillance research, Cen Cal Investigations determines if there are any little bugs exist, checking if you might be tailed, and locate where security is coming from. Counter-surveillance is usually coupled with other measures, which includes Specialized Surveillance Countertop Procedures (TSCM).

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There are good reasons why Cen Cal Private Investigators is the one to call when you need the best in professional investigative services.

  • Licensed, Professional Detectives
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What separates our services from the competition is our wide range of experience combined with a dedication that ensures the best possible results.

Our reputation has been garnered through years of dedicated service. However, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last client we serve. Let Cen Cal be your source for the best in private investigations. Our knowledge and experience cover a wide range of areas from personal to business and more.

At Cen Cal Private Investigators, we are here for you. We have helped individuals and business owners just like you for over a quarter-century. Our services are noted for being thorough, professional, and discreet when needed. Please give us a call and talk to one of our investigators. He or she will explain our services, answer your questions, and offer our investigative assistance to help solve your problem.

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